At Hill Associates, we excel at creating custom telecommunications and information technology training programs.

Our experts help identify and assess your needs, and create training and educational programs that exactly meet those needs. Though we specialize in telecommunications and information technology, we’ve strengthened companies and organizations in a wide range of industries for over 30 years. Let us help you create a world-class training program that moves your business forward.

Knowledge Nugget

Check out ourKnowledge Nugget, A Primer on Virtualization, a topic we hear and read a lot about today. Join us on a short journey to discover why virtualization is good for our business as well as our clients’ businesses. When you are done, you will be able to confidently speak about the benefits of virtualization with your customers.

At Hill Associates, we offer a variety of eLearning solutions: virtual classrooms, blended programs combining classroom and e-learning solutions, and stand-alone learning modules accessible over the Web or DVDs.
If you have materials you want developed into a classroom course, an online course, or a stand-alone course, call on us. We can then train your trainers to teach the course, we can deliver it for you, or we can simply turn the materials over to you. 
Let Hill Associates find the right training solution for your company whether your needs are to improve talent in sales, technical skills, or leadership.

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