Hill Associates does development for hire. If you have materials you want turned into a classroom course, an online course, or a stand-alone course, call on us. We can then train your trainers to teach the course, we can deliver it for you, or we can simply turn the materials over to you.


Hill Associates is internationally known in the field of telecommunications as a premier provider of training, executive consulting, and marketing services. Since 1982, we have demystified the complex world of telephony, information security, and data communications for some of the most recognized players in the industry, from LECs and telecommunications service providers to equipment manufacturers and Fortune-500 size companies. Today, we offer a broad array of courses and seminars to these and other clients, while also providing public training via the Web. 

At Hill Associates, our clients are our partners. In addition to providing standard, "off-the-shelf" courses, we offer highly consultative program development services, which address each client's unique needs and challenges, providing as much or as little support as needed to plan, design, and implement an effective training program. We start with a needs assessment, establish goals and objectives to produce specific job skills, develop training programs to meet targeted goals (using any combination of our extensive content library, our client's content, and custom-developed content), and provide testing, program assessment, and participant feedback.

Why do business with Hill Associates? Because we are the best in the industry. We understand that a well-trained workforce with a solid foundation in technologies and their company's products and services will perform better, differentiate themselves, and be more successful against competition. Our clients choose Hill Associates for our unmatched combination of currency and depth of material, course design, technical expertise, and the dynamic and engaging learning environment our instructors present regardless of the delivery mode.

Our customers represent the A to Z of telecommunications service providers and equipment manufacturers. Below is a list of past and present customers:ome of our customers:

3COM, Alcatel, ALLTEL, AT&T, Ameritech, Bell Atlantic, BellSouth, Broadwing, Cingular, Cisco, Comcast, Cox Business, Digital Equipment, Corporation, Ericsson, Fairpoint Communications, FDIC, Frontier Communications, Fujitsu, Global Crossing, Granite Telecommunications, IBM, Juniper Networks, Level 3, Lucent, Marconi, MatrixBT, MCI, McCleodUSA, Microsoft, Motorola, Nextel, NYNEX, PacBell, PKWare, Qwest, Riverbed Technology, SBC, SNET, Sprint, State of NY, Telstra, Time Warner Cable, TCG, US Navy, US Patent & Trademark Office, U S WEST, Verizon, Windstream, XIT Communications, XO Communications, Zayo Enterprise Networks