Hill Associates does development for hire. If you have materials you want turned into a classroom course, an online course, or a stand-alone course, call on us. We can then train your trainers to teach the course, we can deliver it for you, or we can simply turn the materials over to you.


We have successfully developed custom e-learning courses for sales personnel and technicians; new employee programs for the classroom; and multi-purpose training materials about a company’s products, the technology underlying the products, applications of the products, and positioning of the products. 

If you have a basic concept you want developed into a course, we can do that too. In this development model, we would first perform a needs assessment to determine your specific requirements. From there, we would partner with you to develop a program to meet specific job skills and achieve targeted goals. 

Why have our clients chosen us for their development needs?

  • Our ability to accurately assess their requirements
  • Our skills at taking complex issues and organizing them in a way that flows and grows
  • Our ability to write clear and concise explanations of technology, products, and applications
  • Our ability to integrate the market, technology, product, and applications
  • Our ability to come in on budget and on time