Organizations today face several complex challenges when it comes to providing real-time, accurate talent development content. Traditional classroom-based, leader-led programs may not also be the appropriate answer to address those challenges.



Live E-Learn Events: A virtual classroom experience where participants attend 2-hour seminars using VoIP technology, whiteboards, graphical presentation, breakout rooms, and more. Over 40 titles are currently available.

Blended Curriculum Development: We are pioneers of the blended program, combining classroom and e-learning solutions to meet general or specific training needs for large or small populations.

Custom Content Development: With a large library of core material to draw from, we can rapidly assemble a custom course or curriculum and team with you to augment it with your specific product and services information.



ExperTech : Stand-alone learning modules accessible over the Web or via self-extracting zip files. The courses include audio, interactive elements, review slides, and final exams. The courses range from two to four hours long, and the participant can expect to spend about twice this amount of time to complete the course. Our library includes topics such as Telephony Fundamentals and Data Communications Fundamentals, TCP/IP, Ethernet, Metro Ethernet, IP Telephony, Storage, Security, and IMS, but specific topics can be developed, or packaged together to create unique and customizable curriculum. All of our standard titles are available for preview at our store. Overviews of our titles are also available in our catalog.