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Fall is here, the leaves are turning, and the temperatures are dropping. Stories of fall foliage and tourism are in the news this time of year in Vermont. We bring you the telecom news, stories of new spectrum for broadband, the rising popularity of Internet video, and the rising concerns about IPv4 address depletion. On a lighter note, we even throw in some unbelievably stupid help desk questions. Enjoy!


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  In the News  

A reminder that password security is not enough
Some of us might consider password requirements quite strict, which can give us a false sense of security that we are safe. The fact is today we need even stronger security than that provided by passwords alone.

Stupid news
Need a good laugh? Enjoy some of these surprising, and stupid, questions at the help desk.

FCC opens spectrum for broadband
The FCC has opened unused broadcast television airwaves for high-speed wireless broadband networks and other unlicensed applications. This is the first significant block of spectrum the FCC has made available for unlicensed use in 20 years.

  Industry Analysis  

A new look at enterprise security risks
A new mid-year report from IBM finds that vulnerability disclosures are up significantly compared to the first half of 2009. Part one summarizes the entire report and part two looks at the trends behind the numbers, trends which could mean even greater risks for organizations.

The demise of the e-reader?
Who would have thought that PDAs would one day be displaced completely by smart devices (a la iPhone, Android)? It's looking like the e-reader (think Kindle) will suffer the same fate. Read more here.

Will IPTV allow users to cut the cord?
The number of choices for Internet-based video grows daily. Key players include YouTube, the broadcasters, hulu, Boxee, and Netflix. Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg says this so-called "cord-cutting" (ditching cable TV for Internet video) is a real threat to cable service providers. Appleā€™s $0.99 model might just disrupt video distribution in the same manner the company disrupted music distribution.

  Tech Talk    

Time to move to IPv6

IPv4 addresses will run out, and we will have no choice but to move to IPv6. Cisco and Microsoft got on board years ago, and now countries like Japan are well on their way. Telecoms are urging business customers to get on board, and information is available about how to prepare for the migration. To keep track of IPv4 exhaustion, check out this counter.

Android apps for business
Android smart devices are gaining ground in the market and more devices are coming weekly. But what can we load on these handheld computers? Here are some general apps for small businesses and some specific apps for increasing productivity. Consider using AppBrain to manage the applications. (And if your SMB uses the iPhone, here is a list for you.)

Fibre Channel vs. iSCSI for storage networks
Considering a SAN technology for your business? A series of articles outlines storage area network technology alternatives and the features of Fibre Channel and iSCSI SANs. Part one talks about Fibre Channel, part two discusses iSCSI, and part three focuses on the misconceptions of both.

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The View from the Hill
Where are you going to get the latest tech news, insight, analysis, and opinion? Whether it is our Twitter feeds, PodSnacks, or wiki, thousands of our students count on us to keep them informed on topics they find important. You can too!

Targeted talent development that makes a difference
How would you create a talent development program that results in highly motivated, technology-aware and product-literate sales teams? If you are like our partners, you would have come to us to develop a customized New Hire or Sales Application Workshop that results in increased confidence and competency of the teams in areas of complex products and bundled solutions.

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