Happy New Year! We hope that everyone had a wonderful, safe, and enjoyable holiday season.

The big news of the month is the FCC's decision regarding Internet rule, voting 3-2 to "preserve the Internet as an open network enabling consumer choice, freedom of expression, user control, competition and the freedom to innovate." There are three basic rules that this entails, and that is where the debate starts. Read more about the decision at our blog and read some of the reactions here. And since video is anticipated to carry up to 90 percent of all Internet traffic by 2014, providers who carry the data will need new business models.

Stay tuned for another exciting year of telecom news.



  In the News  

Back to the future
Check out this 60 Minutes segment from the 1970s about the future of cable. See for yourself if the cable industry evolved the way industry experts at the time thought it would.

20 biggest tech failures of 2010
When starting a new year, it is always fun to look back at the past year and see what was successful (smarter smartphones, the tablet, and those apps) and what was not. Here we offer up the not.

Our world in 500 billion words
Google's in the news again, having created a huge database of words and short phrases from 5.2 million digitized books. The implications for research in the humanities are significant. This is just one more example of how digital tools impact many areas of our lives.

  Industry Analysis  

What's behind the CLEC buying binge?
CenturyLink is close to acquiring Qwest, and EarthLink recently purchased One Communications and Delta Comm. Perhaps it is time to look at why CLECs have been on an acquisition tear. The article nicely highlights some of the hot tech trends right now.

The FTC's Do-Not-Track proposal
Advertisers are spying on Internet users, and users aren’t happy about it. The FTC is therefore proposing an option for Internet users to opt-out of tracking—think “Do-Not-Call” registry. While this may be a bit early to determine the impact on advertisers, consumers, and service providers, some interesting analyses are already out.

Your apps are spying on you
Your mobile applications know more about you than you realize. They track you to find out who you are and what type of user you are. Are we getting to the point that we need a Privacy Policy Office?

  Tech Talk    

LTE evolved packet core (EPC) technical report

Verizon rolls out LTE this month, AT&T plans to roll it out next year, and T-Mobile has announced 4G speeds. Anyone in our industry must understand LTE and what it entails. Check out this Light Reading report for details on the technology and to find out which vendors are offering complete EPCs.

Will the IPv4 addresses dry up in January?
According to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (IANA), IPv4 addresses will be exhausted in January. However, the IANA counter suggests February. Many government agencies still aren't ready to migrate to IPv6, even with the federal government mandate.

Cable loves EPON
Every MSO has used DOCSIS to deliver data services, and more recently MSOs have aggressively pursued the Ethernet market. It's no wonder that they are in love with EPON as well. It's nicely priced, symmetric, and has an appealing upgrade path.

  Hill Associates News  

Blog re-launch
We took a break from the blog for a little while, but it's back up and located on a new site. Check it out and resubscribe to the feed.

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