Spring is right around the corner for most of you. We just had one of our biggest snowstorms ever, so we probably won't see spring for a little while.

Our big news right now: Hill Associates is looking to expand our teaching base. Access the job description here and submit a resume here.

There is a fair amount going on in the telecom world right now. There might be changes to the Universal Service Fund and the net neutrality rules, and the depletion of IPv4 addresses is causing IPv6 changes.

For all this and more, check out the links below. Have a great March, and we'll see you in a month.



  In the News  

The Computer History Museum v2.0
Most of us grew up in the same time as the computer, but maybe we do not know its entire history. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, visit the Computer History Museum, which just got a $19 million facelift.

What is this Internet thing again?
Just seventeen years ago, several anchors on the Today show were trying to explain this new thing called the Internet. Think how far we've come in such a short time.

Protecting your mobile
With smartphones outselling PCs for the first time, the long-predicted crime wave on handheld devices has arrived. What can you do to protect yourself?

  Industry Analysis  

Wireless broadband will be a national priority
President Obama has stated that his goal is that 98 percent of the country will have broadband access within five years. New spectrum is critical to this goal. Obama recently announced a plan to free up 500 MHz worth of spectrum for wireless Internet and mobile network use.

And with that a revision to the USF?
To help subsidize the accessibility of broadband to rural areas and low income families, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has proposed a plan to overhaul the long established Universal Service Fund (USF). The Department of Commerce has posted the first public searchable map of nationwide broadband coverage so that you can search options in your area.

New 1Q11 Mobile Application Report out
Appcelerator and IDC recently completed a survey of more than 2200 developers. The survey asked about their perceptions of mobile OS, feature priorities, and 2011 development plans. The results are fascinating.

  Tech Talk    

Is SIP trunking in your future?

Moving from TDM voice to IP telephony with SIP trunks is typically not an easy process. Decisions about how to select the equipment you'll need like SIP-enabled IP-PBXs and session border controllers are part of the mix, as well as how to size your SIP trunking implementation correctly. This white paper (free registration required) discusses one of the critical considerations of migrating from TDM to SIP trunks - that of understanding current call activity and volumes across your existing VoIP environment.

The end of IPv4 brings a new wave of IPv6 providers
Now that new IPv4 addresses have officially been depleted (as we reported in our blog last month), many technology vendors are showcasing solutions to make the migration to IPv6 easier. While it is not time to panic, businesses should start the transition.

Over the top video
On February 15, the GSMA announced it has adopted the work of the One Voice Initiative to drive the global mobile industry toward a standard way of delivering voice and messaging services for Long Term Evolution (LTE). The GSMA's Voice over LTE (VoLTE) initiative has the backing of more than 40 organizations from around the mobile world.

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