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As we went to press last month, CenturyLink closed on its deal to acquire Qwest. CEO Glen Post was optimistic about winning back market share while weighing the potential effects of AT&T's $39 billion purchase of T-Mobile USA. We’ll cover more of this as it unfolds..

For now, let’s turn our attention to other telecom news.


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Obama’s broadband wireless plan
A new four-part industry spotlight report by Telecompetitor looks at the President’s key ideas related to a broadband wireless plan. The series provides many great details about the plan, all in one place.

Before the Internet and the ARPANET, there was Paul Baran
Paul Baran worked for the Rand Corporation, and in 1960 he foretold of two ideas that were to become critical in the development of the Internet: the idea of building a distributed network and a technique for data transmission that later came to be called packet switching. Baran is considered a pioneer of today’s Internet. He died on March 26.

Texting while talking
It’s probably no surprise to you, but the technology today has created some rude behaviors. Are you guilty?

  Industry Analysis  

VoIP continues to gain market share
A new report from Infonetics Research shows that the global VoIP services market has been able to weather the recent economic storm and is poised to reach the $50 billion milestone. While the growth is mostly focused on the consumer side, business services in SIP trunking, managed IP PBX services, and unified communications are all looking to gain significantly in the coming years.

Who’s Faster? Verizon 4G LTE or Sprint 4G WiMAX
The debate continues, as recent tests of Verizon Wireless and Sprint 4G networks are causing quite the stir. To read our original thread on 4G, click here.

More people are cutting the cord
Twenty-six percent of Americans have dropped their landline phones in favor of mobile phones, and those who haven't are using their wired phones less. Low income consumers, renters, and young people are leading the shift.

  Tech Talk    

New WiMAX standard gets IEEE approval

As expected in February, the IEEE approved the latest WiMAX standard, 802.16m. Now the question is whether this new potential for 300 Mbps will have a positive impact on Clearwire and Sprint and be a successful competitor to LTE.

Smartphone users lack security savvy
Smartphone users are partly to blame for the rise in malware attacks via mobile platforms. According to a report by security vendor Symantec, 54 percent of users lack even a PIN code on their devices. This article provides some useful information about smartphone security.

Making the case for cloud computing
As these four CIO case studies show, “the cloud” can be a great way to free up resources. However, for large enterprises, the transition to cloud computing has been slow, and one in 10 small businesses are reluctant to join in as well.

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