Let Hill Associates find the right training solution for your company whether your needs are to improve talent in sales, technical skills, or leadership.


SALES SOLUTIONS: In today’s economic environment, our clients require hard-hitting information that can impact the performance of their field teams quickly. Hill Associates can create materials and learning experiences that blend technology training essentials and your company’s specific product or service information. Working closely with a company’s product management, training, and marketing departments, Hill Associates can quickly and affordably craft a custom program for sales leadership, account managers, account executives, and sales engineers. Then we deliver the training in the most appropriate venue for the audience and circumstances: e-learning, classroom, or a combination of the two.

LEADERSHIP SOLUTIONS: For executives charged with making critical strategic decisions, high-level managers looking to better understand the industry as a whole, or the enterprising telecommunications professional striving to be a leader in the industry, our leadership seminars and courses go beyond exploring the technologies and examine the strategic implications of recent developments and trends in the industry. Hill Associates leadership seminars provide today’s industry leaders with targeted knowledge that enables them to make sound decisions when investing in new technology, planning new product lines, designing marketing strategies, or positioning their company to survive and thrive in today’s marketplace.


TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS: Hill Associates provides training in a wide variety of delivery modes, including several e-learning products and several styles of classroom training. However, our specialty is applied technology training—we craft programs that meet the needs of a variety of audiences, from network engineers to operations, sales, and marketing specialists. We not only discuss the technology fundamental to the program but also apply it to the specific needs of the customer.

Hill Associates also designs and delivers hands-on workshops for network sales engineers, design engineers, and support engineers responsible for selling, designing, implementing, or supporting networks. The workshop courses enhance the learning experience by combining conceptual discussions about networks, hardware, software, and protocols with an essential hands-on experience.

The results of Hill Associates classroom training and workshops are measurable. Armed with a better understanding of the technologies they sell or work with, participants emerge from our programs better able to do their jobs. Let Hill Associates craft your solution.